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A Few Notes On Buddha's Birthday To Spread Harmony

Buddha's Birthday is the most important holiday of Buddhism, taking place in the 4th month of the lunar calendar to commemorate the birth of Buddha Shakyamuni. During this holiday, spiritual and social activities will take place to express gratitude, express respect to Buddha, and pray for peace and happiness.

What is Buddha's birthday?

Buddha's Birthday is the anniversary of the Buddhist founder Shakyamuni Buddha's birth. In Buddhist countries, Buddha's birthday, sometimes referred to as "Teaching Day," is observed on the full moon day of Vesak, the fourth lunar month.

Three significant events are celebrated on the full moon day of Vesak: the birth of the Buddha, his enlightenment, and his entry into Nirvana. All three of these occasions are commemorated during a Great Three Festival, also known as Vesak Festival, in Theravada Buddhism.

Every year on the day of the full moon in May, people celebrate Buddha's birthday.

Every year on the day of the full moon in May, people celebrate Buddha's birthday. However, in nations that practice Northern and Mahayana Buddhism, the full moon day of the fourth lunar month—which typically falls in May of the solar calendar—is used to commemorate Buddha's birthday.

The UN General Assembly declared Vesak, or Buddha's Birthday, to be an international cultural celebration in 1999. Observing rituals, bathing the Buddha, reading sutras, and expressing thanks are all done on this day to honor the Buddha and put his teachings into reality.

Three times, in 2008, 2014, and 2019, Vietnam had the privilege of hosting the United Nations Day of Vesak in cities like Hanoi, Ninh Binh, and Ha Nam. This demonstrates the importance of Buddhism in our country as well as how it fosters international exchange and integration with other Buddhist nations.

The Vesak Festival's organization demonstrates the Vietnamese people's interest in, culture, and beliefs. Simultaneously, it exhibits endeavors to advance and acquaint the global community with Buddhist culture. Furthermore, it provides avenues for scholars to acquire a deeper understanding of the culture and impact of Buddhism on the spiritual lives of the Asian region, particularly Vietnam.

When is Buddha's Birthday 2024?

In the year of the Dragon, which corresponds to May 15–May 22 in the solar calendar, Vesak, or the Buddha's birthday, is celebrated in Vietnam from April 8–April 15 on the lunar calendar. The primary holiday is observed on May 22, a Wednesday in the solar calendar.

Vesak or the Buddha's birthday, is celebrated in Vietnam from April 8–April 15 on the lunar calendar.

What makes Buddha's birthday a significant celebration, then?

Buddha's birthday is significant for the reasons listed below:

Honoring Buddha: a day when Buddhists pay homage to Buddha, who guided and taught them to enlightenment and happiness.

Encouragement on a moral and spiritual level: On this day, Buddhists have the chance to train and nurture their souls in order to fully develop their moral character and spirit.

Planting seeds of kindness and peace: The message of kindness, compassion, and peace associated with Vesak, or the birthday of the Buddha, typically inspires the country to live in harmony, solidarity, and compassion.

In conclusion, Buddha's birthday is a day to practice his teachings, uphold peace, and promote mental harmony among all people, in addition to commemorating the Buddha's birth.

Things to do on Buddha's birthday to promote peace

Fasting and reciting Buddha's name: Fasting is important for Buddhists during the ceremony, meaning to avoid killing, respect the lives of dangerous species, remember and do good things, and stay away from deception.

Cruel, Wiping to protect the house: Buddha's birthday is very important for Buddhists; cleaning the house not only brings respect to Buddha but also has the meaning of washing away the wounds and evils left behind. purity for humans.

Being kind and doing good deeds: this is also an opportunity for Buddhists to carry out charitable activities such as charity to help those in need and releasing animals to save sentient beings. This activity not only shows compassion and kindness but also advises spreading good images and values ​​to society. Live simply and humbly. Ignore material values ​​and focus on developing spiritual values. Check yourself regularly and strive to improve yourself.

Live simply and humbly: Ignore material values ​​and focus on developing spiritual values. Review yourself regularly and strive to improve yourself better.

Things not to do on Buddha's birthday

According to the Buddha's teachings, Buddhists should refrain from taking the lives of other living things because all life is equal. All living beings have a right to life, and killing them is considered suffering. It is always tranquil and pure in the souls of those who do not kill.

Leaving your home and altar untidy is disrespectful to the Buddha. Avoid positioning the altar next to the restroom or bathroom; instead, it should be in the tallest spot in the home, facing the main gate.

Avoid using foul language and swearing when at temples, and dress cleanly and courteously. Avoid making jokes or raising your voice, as this conveys a lack of genuine regard and deference to the Buddha and other Buddhists. 

In summary, celebrating Buddha Shakyamuni's birthday is about more than just remembering him. Buddhists can use this time to consider the path of his teachings and put the Buddha's precepts into practice in order to live peaceful lives. Additionally, this is a great chance for everyone to live by human ideals, spread kindness, and put their souls into practice.

Assist in making oneself even more flawless so that everyone lives in harmony and happiness.Thank you everyone for accompanying Vietnam Travel Group. Please keep in mind the dos and don'ts to protect the holiday's spiritual and cultural significance.

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