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Who are We?


Vietnam Travel Group Joint Stock Company (previous name: Vietnam Travel Group Company Ltd) is first established in 2011 with just a small office in District 1 as a local tourism company with licensed to operate as International Tour Operator. Since then, we have successfully organised many customized package tours and travel services. Our effort to provide best value to travelers around the World when it comes to travel to/from Vietnam is filled with hardship, and strong commitment from our dedicated staffs. Since 2016, Vietnam Travel Group has been voted as one of the leading and most reliable of Top Ten International Tour Operators by Vietnam Tourism Association and Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. We have been recognized honorably by numerous prestigious national awards and achievements to once again strengthen its position as a trustful national tourism brand. We are one of not many tourism companies that successfully in all three primary tourism fields including inbound, outbound, and domestic travel. In the field of inbound, Vietnam Travel Group serves foreign tourists not only by air but also by road, by sea and by river, and for leisure, business, MICE tourists. Our products have been developed by categories as Luxury Travel, Classic Travel, and Budget Travel. The distribution channel has been established include both online (in many platforms including social media such as facebook, twitter, and etc...; B2B and C2C) and offline including direct face to face.


Vietnam Travel Group brand name has stretched as broadening close partnership with more than 100 travel companies, agents across Vietnam and territories around the world, such as United States of America, Japan, Germany, Europe, Korea, and Cambodia etc. With this large partnership and wide corporation network, we never stop learning and improving our quality in services as we always work closely side by side with our Partners and Suppliers. With such a broad network, it is a great advantage for Vietnam Travel Group, together with its customers, to enjoy the most favorable service with full support at the most affordable price.


Understanding the important role of Tour Guide that every Tour Guide is not only an ambassador for Vietnam Travel Group but also for Vietnam to connect foreign travelers with Vietnam and vice versa, Vietnam Travel Group chooses to work with only skilled and licensed Tour Guides. In order to select suitable Tour Guides, Vietnam Travel Group always values evaluation program through feedbacks from all the channels: Customers, Suppliers, Partners, and OTA. The purpose of this program is to improve customer service skills as well as widen the knowledge of its tour guides. Moreover, Vietnam Travel Group always works closely with our Tour Guides and listens to their suggestions, stories and requests to have a better view of our services, thus to improve our quality further.


Vietnam Travel Group Joint Stock Company segmented its market into different categories, so that we can develop various types of tours to meet all the tastes and preferences of our esteemed customers who wish to meet, see and appreciate different people, cultures, landscapes, sandy beaches, etc. in Vietnam and its neighbors. We offer various types of tours, including cultural tours, Vietnam gastronomy tours, eco-tours, beach vacations, soft adventure tours, shore excursions, special interest tours, M.I.C.E., etc. We have also developed luxury travel products for the high-end markets, specific travel products for M.I.C.E. and shore excursions and S-I-C tours. Besides packaged tours, we also offers tailor-made tours/customized tours, modular tours, and optional tours so that our customers can easily combine them to create their own tour programs. We've also focused on developing unique travel products that can make us different from the others. We understands that its long-term success is deeply connected to the success of the destinations it operates within. Therefore Vietnam Travel Group is committed to engage with its customers, community, and environment in a manner that preserves ecological, economic, and cultural heritage and embraces a responsibility to support stewardship activities that increase the value of the destination over time. Comprehensive development, continuing innovation and improvement in management technology, serving style standardization and dedicated, professional, high-skilled staff have paved the way for enhancing and strengthening our company.

Company Name

Vietnam Tour, Vietnam Private Tours, Package Tours, Family Tours