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Below is a list of frequently asked questions by visitors while on tour

If you need any other information, please refer to these frequently asked questions to get more information!

Why book with us ?

Destination Experts, Deep Understanding Of Local Knowledge

Our company has a team of professional, certified-trained, local travel consultants as well as expatriates sharing a passion for travel and South East Asia. We are able to recommend you the best and worth-visiting places on your customized tour with invaluable local knowledge every step on the way.

One-Stop Service to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand & Myanmar

Booking with us, you are dealing with on-site experts with the most up-to-date information, quickly accessed for the best deals in the region.

Unbeatable Price, Value for Money

Our wide, intensive network of on-site suppliers enables us to offer you the best possible rate with latest promotions, which help you optimize value of every penny you pay for.

Authentic Experiences, Feel Local Breath

We bring you a unique experience of travelling with local companions, the best way to take you off the beaten path to hidden charm and local haunts, introducing you to the local people and guarantee you a journey reaching far beyond of your expectation and ordinary travel. You will definitely feel the sense of local culture, make local friends, which all turn your travel to become unforgettable stories.

Free to Create Your Own Itinerary

We are experts in assisting you create your tailor-made tours closely matching your time, interests as well as your budget. 

Friendly, Open and Supportive Staff

Our friendly, open and supportive staff with multicultural and multinational backgrounds, speaking your language will provide you a perfect combination of Western and Eastern skills.

Safety Guarantee

Your safety is paramount. News Travel  do whatever we can to guarantee your safest journey with detailed reports on regional safety and guides receiving international first aid training

Responsible Travel and Corporate Social Responsibility

We  always put much focus on practicing and promoting sustainable and ethical tourism everywhere we go. Our hard working is to empower local communities and for the benefits of both our clients and local people. 

How do I pay?
Are there any special advantages in buying tickets in advance online?
Can I book special offers over the phone?
Once I have booked, can I amend my booking?
How do I cancel my ticket?
I have booked a tour with my relative's credit card; however the voucher says "Client must carry the transaction card on the day of travel". What are my options in this situation?
I have booked on-line. How do I get my ticket/voucher?
Can you arrange a pick up from my hotel?
Can you arrange a pick up from a hotel mentioned in your list of complimentary pick-ups even if we are not staying there?
What time will I return from my tour?
Where will I be dropped off following my tour?
Can I have a tailor-made tour?
How can I book a tour?
How do I pay for the trip?
Are there any hidden costs, which are not mentioned? Any tipping required?
Who is my guide?
How about transportation?
When is the best time to have a trip to Vietnam?
What is the time difference?
How safe is Vietnam?
Any recommendations for eating in Vietnam?
What kind of currencies should you recommend?
Where can I change money?
Is it better to use dollars or dong for daily expenses?

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