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Buon Ma Thuot City - Dak Lak Province

Buôn Ma Thuột or sometimes Buôn Mê Thuột or Ban Mê Thuột, is the capital city of Đắk Lắk Province, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.


The city is the largest in Vietnam's Central Highlands region, and is famous as the regional "capital of coffee". Located 1300 km from Ha Noi, 500 km from Da Nang, and 350 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Lying on a fairly flat highland, at an average height of 536m (1608 ft) above the sea, Buon Ma Thuot has a vital role in Vietnam's national security and defense system.


The weather is cool, the climate is dominated by monsoon tropical climate has the nature of highland climate plateau. The year has two distinct seasons: rainy season (May to October), dry season (October to April next year). Average annual temperature is 23 degree Celcius.

Ethnic Group:

Jrai, Bahnar, Ê-đê, Giẻ, Raglai, Sê-đăng, Xtiêng, Mạ, Brâu, Churu, Mnông...


In December, there are many special festivals and also beautiful blooms. Visitors can come to Buon Ma Thuot to witness, and enjoy festivals such as Ban Don Elephant Racing, Gong Festival and Coffee Festival in March, which is the most anticipated event of the year in the Central Highlands.

Way to get there:

  • By Air: Travelers can take direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi Capital to Buon Ma Thuot via Vietnam Airline, VietJetAir, JetStar.
  • By Land: There are three main options to take which are bus, private car or even Motorbike from Ho Chi Minh / Hanoi. The time to travel by car is approx 8 hours from Ho Chi Minh City and is more than 1 day from Hanoi Capital.