One of the best ways to travel in Vietnam from the North to the South is by train. The Vietnam’s railway network serves a large swathe of the country and extends to most destinations of interest to a first-time visitor in Vietnam. It is guaranteed to be unique experience because this great opportunity can’t be made when you are taking flights. It also costs less when travelling especially on an overnight train because you get to save some budget hotel bills while still giving you the same comfort in a night.

1./ Benefit of travel by train in Vietnam:

  • Safety: With train safety continuing to improve year-on-year, we can have peace of mind that there’s no safer way to get to our destination in Viet Nam.
  • Comfort: it saves us from the stress of traffic which can really dampen your mood if you are a tourist looking to have fun and enjoyment. There are four main ticket classes: hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper.  Presently, air-con & wi-fi is available on the faster express trains.
  • Good price: The Vietnamese trains are comparatively inexpensive. Ticket prices vary depending on the train; the fastest trains are more expensive.
  • *Note: Children under two are free; those between two and nine years of age pay 50% of adult fare. There are no discounts on the Hanoi–Lao Cai route.
  • Sightseeing:  Many parts of the railways system in Vietnam go along and through mountains, forests, valleys, plain and sea, so you would certainly have chance to contemplate the incredibly magnificent and fascinating scenery
  • Flexibility: Don’t need to be bothered by going to the train stations very early hoping to take a seat because as a tourist, your ticket has already been booked by Vietnam Travel Group.
  • Environment: Travelling by train is more environmentally friendly than car, bus and plane because of helping to reduce the carbon footprint and cut down the consumption of personal vehicles.

2/ How to Book Vietnam train ticket with Vietnam Travel Group:

– Send us the email at with the following information:

* Route to Travel: For exampe Ho Chi Minh – Phan Thiet

* Date of travel: Please provide exact date of your travel’s date

* No. of Traveller: How many people require a ticket?

* No. of ticket: How many ticket would you like to buy?

* Passengers’ Detail: Please provide:

° Full Name of each passenger: that require the ticket (As shown in your Passport)

° No. of Passport:  Please provide No. of Passport such as AB123456789 of each passenger that require the ticket

° Hotel’s Info: Hotel’s Name, Address and Room’s Number so that we can deliver the ticket to your hotel.

– Get a confirm email from Vietnam Travel Group with payment link

– Make your payment and inform us

– Check your email for ticket.