1. What should I do if I want to book a tour but cannot pay immediately?

When watching tour on the websites, if you want to book a tour but cannot pay immediately, you can definitely book that tour in advance. We would record the tour on our system. Then we will contact you via email to discuss payment issues. And you need to pay in advance 30% of the invoice value to ensure that you will use our service.

2. How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

After you have booked our tour, there will be an automatic email sent to your email which you used to book your tour. It is a confirmation of our company to notify that the booking process have been successfully stored. Within 2 working days, our representative will make a conversation with you via email or telephone call. The itinerary along with detailed information about your tour will be specified during this process.

 3. What if I have special requirements for the tour?

In our online booking form, there would be a blank box which is offered to the visitor, who has special needs. It so called Special Requirements. By filling this blank, you will be ensured that our company would try our best to make you the most comfortable days without worrying anything.

4. The manner and method of payment?

You can pay at the time of booking confirmation.

Or for any reason that you cannot pay immediately, you can pay after successful booking confirmation. But you have to pay before the start of the tour at least 3 working days. (For the tour that starts no later than 3 days from the date of booking, you must pay immediately after successful confirmation of booking. Because we have to pay the costs necessary for you during the tour in advance (for example, hotel reservation cost, or entrance fees, and so on).

You can pay in cash at our office after successful confirmation of the booking on websites system, which is located at the following address:

♥ Head Office: 9 Thi Sach Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Or you can click HERE to see our location

If you are not in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam or cannot come to our office, you can pay online via PayPal as soon as successful confirmation of booking. You only have to pay in advance 30 % of the total invoice value. This is used to pay for the necessary expenses (for example, hotel reservation and booking services need …).

5. Do you accept credit card and what kind?

Yes we accept credit card for payment. Visa and Master Card are the most common and welcome credit card to be used.

6. How can I get more information if I can’t go to meet you in person?

If there is any enquiry, please contact us via email or telephone call.
Email: booking@travelgroup.com.vn
Tel: +84 935746946

7. What currency system is your company using?

♦ Online Payment via PayPal: We accept to use all currencies which PayPal accept.

  • ♦ Payment at office: We accept all currencies.

Note: We will change to USD with the equivalent value at the exchange rate of the Vietnamese market at the time of payment.

8. How about the quality of the tour which we buy from vietnamtravelgroup.com

Operated over 5 years, our company has been secured one of the leading travel agencies in quality. With such a long time working in tourism, we have drawn a lot of experience gradually. The company is staffed entirely by experts in the tourism field. The qualified workers have been trained carefully, which aim to deliver the best service to any tourist. Whether you are a hard-to-please customer or an easygoing one, you will soon enjoy the guaranteed services and facilities in our tour. With such the experience like that, we make sure that all organized tours are designed for each particular customer with the best quality that we can offer.

9. What should I do if I want to cancel/change my itinerary?

A) Change The Time of A Tour: Normally, we will not charge this change if you notify us 3 days before the starting day of the tour. Except hotel partner refuses to change (very rare), you have to pay additional costs to book hotels at the new time.

B) Change A Tour: We will calculate the different levels of the prices between the old tour and the new one, and the cost of the booked service in advance can be refunded or not (hotel booking fees). After that, we will you with the complete detail.

C) Cancel A Tour: Deciding to cancel the tour, you will pay a cost to tour cancelling services. This cost will depend on many factors, which may change from time to time (for example, how long does the notice time in comparison with starting day of the tour…)

1. Notification of cancellation must be made by tour participant in writing: e-mail or fax, and must be received by vietnamtravelgroup.com. We do not accept any cancellation which is made through phone.

2. For package tours:

 >21 Days No Charge
 14-21 Days 20%
 07-13 Days 50%
 03-07 Days 75%
 <02 Days 100%

3. For other travel services:

 >15 Days No Charge
 08-15 Days 20%
 02-07 Days 50%
 01 Day 75%
 <01 Day 100%

Email: booking@travelgroup.com .vn
Tel: +84 935746946

10. Can I make a reservation for my friends or my family members?

Yes, you can. If you are a person who pays for and participates in the tour, you won’t need to worry about this. In case you want to make a reservation for your friends or family members, you should follow our instruction. In other words, this means you pay for it but you don’t come along with the tour. In that case, we offer you a blank space which is “Customer information”. That is the name of a person who pays for the tour. Right below that space, there is “How can we contact you in Vietnam”. Please fill in the blank with any person that you intend to book a tour for.

After completing the payment procedure online, you will receive an email in which a form is attached. Then, you fill in the form with the personal information of your friends or family members. After that, we can acknowledge all the necessary information.

11. Does my safety is secured when I pay online? Is it safer than traditional way?

Definitely yes. Although you book a tour through our website, you will be transferred to a website of PayPal when you want to carry out a financial transaction. This is one of the most famous company which majors in financial transaction around the world. Our company is not responsible for the information on your credit card in the payment process because you will go through this process with PayPal. If you need more information about the Privacy Policy of PayPal, please visit:

12. What should I do if my email containing bills get lost?

When you lost your email containing bills, please contact us for new bills provided after we test the system.
Email: booking@travelgroup.com.vn
Tel: +84 935746946

13. Can I pay the value of the invoice in several times?

When successful confirmation of booking, if you choose to pay online, you just need to pay us in advance 30 % of the invoice value. This will let us know that you will use our service. And it is used to make hotel reservations and other services, which need to be set in advance for your tour.

14. Will I get any refund if I want to change / cancel my flight ticket?

Prices do not include airfares from or to your departing destination, unless specified. All flights bookings are subject to the carrier’s conditions of carriage. It is your responsibility to read throughout and understand the terms and conditions that are related to your airfare. You have the right to contact the relevant airline if you require further information. Cancellation and refund policies associated with the airfares are varied according to airfare terms and conditions of the relevant airline. Note that the cancellation and refund policies of the airfare are not the same to all the Airlines. Different airlines have different policies. It is your responsibility to contact the airline prior to departure to ensure there is no change to the scheduled departure time.